As most photographers are aware, we get asked two questions quite regularly. 

1.) Can't you just photoshop that?

2.) What do you shoot with?

Needless to say I answer these questions a lot. So I thought a post would possibly save me a little of the repetition. Ok, I realize I will probably repeat it just as much, but knowledge was meant to be shared, right?

First off, yes I can probably photoshop "that" but I am not going to abuse that beautiful power and make you look like someone you are not. I truly believe everyone is beautiful. I am extremely kind with my editing, and I will make you look like your best you. I will smooth your skin, tuck you in here and there, poof your hair, clear your skin and remove that stain on your jeans. I do this for every single photo. That's what professional photos are for after all. I want you to see the beautiful you that I see. Those little imperfections do not define you. I hope my images help you see that and believe that. 

Secondly what's in my bag.... Well, in all honesty I have more than one bag. The number one rule of a professional photographer is that you need a back up for your back up. If something can break it will, and it will do it right before the bride walks down the aisle. So you better have something close at hand to get that shot that can't be replicated. There are no redos in the world of weddings. Since I don't want to bore you to death with everything I have in my arsenal we'll stick with my number 1 bag, my main man, my ride or die, my numero uno. My beloved Lowepro. 

My bag- I have tried lots of camera bags and I love my Lowepro. It's small enough to not kill my back, get in the way or get too heavy if we get a bit adventurous on your shoot and go for a hike. Plus it's padded enough and sturdy enough to keep my gear safe and sound.

Holster-I don't go anywhere without my Spider Holster Pro. I have had a cervical fusion in my C5-C6 in 2017 and this amazing belt has saved my neck, pun intended. It's worth every red cent.

Camera- I am a canon girl and I always shoot with two Canon Mark III. 

Lens- Sigma Art Lenses are my favorite! I have a Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, Sigma Art 24-70mm 2.8 and a Canon 135mm 2.0

Flash- Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT with the MadMod Sphere Light Diffuser 

Pocket Wizard Plus X x 3 


-Always and I mean ALWAYS have PLENTY of extra rechargeable batteries for your cameras, flashes and pocket wizards. I prefer High Capacity Batteries.

-I always carry my press pass because you never know when you might need it.  

-I live in the South and all insects love me far more than they should so I always keep some sort of bug repellent on me. 

-ALWAYS HAVE TISSUES! There are too many ways to list that these will come in handy. 

-EXTRA LENS CAPS! I lose them far more than I like to admit so I have them in all sizes. 

-Weather protection! You never know when you might need it! BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! Even if it's just a plastic bag and a few rubber-bands.

-I love my Swiss Army Knife! It can help you in more ways that you can imagine, and some ways you can't even think up. 

-I also carry my business cards and a few of my favorite custom USBs that I get from USB Memory Direct I have used their USBs for years and I don't go anywhere without them. Your brand can stand out and you can trust your images to be saved safely on their beautiful USBs. That's a win win in any photographer's bag. 

Ok, that's what's in my bag baby. What's in yours? What am I missing that will change my life?