Wedding Obstacles

September 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

As a wedding photographer we are faced with so many uncontrollable obstacles with each wedding. Weather, light, personalities and even time. Having to work past these things and making them work for our art is half the fun. However there are obstacles that are becoming more and more prevalent that can make a photographers job nearly impossible and takes a great deal of the fun out of the equation. Now that everyone is equipped with some sort of smartphone or high end camera they feel it is acceptable or even helpful to snap shots through out the day. Many even consider themselves "professionals". However I say it is the opposite of helpful. It has ruined countless moments for me, and that's what my photographs are, moments in time that can't be recreated. If you were a truly a professional you would have worked a wedding and experienced how exasperating this is. We have been paid to do a job and we should be given the freedom to do it correctly. I have never seen a guest go push the DJ out of the way, or the caterer, however they feel like it is completely acceptable to push the photographer out of the way. Well it is not ok and completely inappropriate. I have had several brides who have informed their guests that they would appreciate them not using any cameras at the wedding, given that they have hired a professional to capture their day. This announcement always makes my heart sigh with relief. It's my job to make your day better, not reprimand your guests. It has become such an issue that I have even entered a clause in my contract that states, "Brandy Angel Photography maintains the right to prevent the guests and videographers from taking pictures of BAP set up/posed groupings: doing so may delay the process and effects or ruin the outcome of your photographs. Failure of others to stop shooting if asked will release Brandy Angel Photography from any further obligations under this contract and the $_____ be not be refunded." I always try to discuss this with my brides before the wedding and decide upon a solution. I would never want to implement that clause, however I have heard many horror stories that made me decide to protect myself.  As innocent as your guests intentions are, it is a serious problem for photographers and easily handled with a little discussion and planning before hand. In the end it is all about having a wonderful day and capturing all of those amazing memories so you can look back and remember your day perfectly, not the back of of Aunt Barbara's head and smartphone. 


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