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March 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So I have something to say about wedding photography. It is HARD, this is the time that you want to really show all of your creativity that will last a lifetime and there is NEVER TIME. People always rush rush rush and you end up doing a 3rd of what you planned out. I would like to shoot for at least half. ; ) So if you have a wedding planned with me. PLEASE consider first looks before hand because it truly allows for ALL of the perfect shots to be done,right Valerie and Shane? And please, if you wait for the first look, which of course is completely fine, please add a little extra time before the ceremony for your group photos. I know they seems annoying to most of your wedding party and family but it will be something you will cherish I promise! Ok I am done. I just always look back at my wedding pictures and think, MAN I wanted to do this and that but there is just never enough time. Makes me sad!


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