Mommy's snow Princess

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Being a photographer who lives in Georgia does not bring a lot of opportunity to do some beautiful portraits in the snow. Well we managed to get a beautiful dusting this year and I immediately knew the dress and cape I wanted to use and started begging my daughter to be a model for me. She can't deny how much she loves when Mommy does her hair and make up and makes her feel like a princess so she gave in pretty quickly. We just moved to a new home a last month and the woods beside us are absolutely magical. We  played dress up with our newest Dollcake Vintage dress and an amazing handmade cape and when we got out there and the snow was still falling I was in mommy photography heaven. She said she felt like a mini Elsa out in the woods. It was worth the effort and cold to see her face when she saw the finished images. She felt like a beautiful princess and that is all a mommy and a photographer could ever wish for. Now we need one more snow so I can convince her sister! I cant wait to start our fantasy photo sessions this year and start making YOUR little girls feel like beautiful princesses too! I have been building up quite the collection of Dollcake Vintage Gowns and I cant wait to put them to use! It's going to be a magical year!

Engagement Session Giveaway and Wedding Package Discount!

January 06, 2017  •  1 Comment

Are you a unique bride and groom, planning a unique wedding, and looking for the perfect photographer? Would you like to win a FREE engagement session and a 20% discounted wedding package? If so you are in the right place! I am looking for the bride and groom who are not afraid to be different, to STAND OUT, to show their amazing personalities, and to be loud and let theirs colors show. (Yes I am HUGE Avett Brothers fan.) I want to tell your story in a way that truly represents and embraces all the beautiful ways that make you YOU.

* If you would like to enter please see the requirements below.  

What you will receive:

  • A free 2 look engagement session ($350 value). 
  • High-resolution edited images on a downloadable album and the rights to print. 
  • A 20% discount on your wedding package of your choice (up to $600 value). 

To enter, please email and include:

  • Your first and last names (bride & groom)
  • Your wedding date
  • The locations of your ceremony and reception 
  • Your story, details about what makes YOU and your wedding DIFFERENT, photo inspiration for your big day, and why you’d love to win this giveaway! 
  • A photo of the two of you together that best represents you as a couple
  • A statement that you have read the rules and agree to the terms of the giveaway
  • Leave a comment on this post that you’ve done all of the above.

How will the winner be chosen?

Winning couples will be selected based on a story that resonates with Brandy Angel Photography and a date that works with our schedule.

Giveaway guidelines:

  • Couples who are already booked with Brandy Angel Photography are not eligible for this contest.
  • You cannot already be booked with another photographer.
  • A contract must be signed, deposit paid and returned to us within one week of winning and before engagement session is booked.
  • The winning couple also agrees to be featured on, or any other publication that Brandy Angel Photography would like to submit images to. The names and images of the winning couple will be used by Brandy Angel Photography for promotional purposes
  • LIKE Brandy Angel Photography, LLC. on Facebook. 
  • By participating in this engagement photography giveaway, you agree to be bound by these official rules.
  • Giveaway entries will be accepted starting from today January 6, 2017 until July 6, 2017 and the winning couple will be announced by email on July 12, 2017. 

Awards and Badges

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Full album of features and links seen here-





Laura & Tony McBride and their Angels.

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Last November, Independent Journal Review shared the touching story of Anna Bozman Thompson and how her nuptials were brightened by an amazing photographer from Georgia who made sure her wedding photos included someone who couldn’t be there.

Now that same photographer’s work is bringing peace to another grieving family.

Brandy Angel got a call from 40-year-old Texan Laura McBride and her husband, Tony, after Laura was moved by the Thompson photos. Laura knew a similar set of photos would help herself and Tony cope with a devastating loss to their family — all three of their children were stillborn.

Image credit: Facebook/Laura McBride

Image credit: Facebook/Laura McBride

Though daughter Kieran passed away in 2014, the other two would be much older, according to “Today.”

Christopher would be almost 22 today, Tyler would be almost 18 and Kieran would turn 2 this year. But even though they would have been years apart in age, Laura thought of them as kids: “Young, vibrant, sweet, adorable,” she said.

Brandy said she was touched by the request, and made plans to shoot photos of the couple while she had an already-planned trip to Texas around Thanksgiving time.

This was the result:


Image credit: Screenshot/Today/Brandy Angel Photography

Brandy said, “Photos like this aren’t for everyone, but they are everything to some people who need them to grieve and hold on to someone they have lost. I wanted to help her so much.”

Laura told “Today”:

“This picture has been such a comfort to us and it has made us so happy because it has given us something to look at every day. We know they’re with us, we can see it.”

Image credit: Facebook/Laura McBride

Image credit: Facebook/Laura McBride

Stillbirths are largely “understudied” in the U.S., according to Suzan Carmichael, a professor of pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and their cause remains unknown in most cases.

NPR reports that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that the “autopsy rate in the U.S. for stillbirths is the lowest among developed countries.” While studying stillbirths could help to reduce their numbers, researcher Robert Silver, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Utah,said that they often aren’t done because quality autopsies by pathologists cost so much.

Bozman Thompson Wedding

November 06, 2015  •  3 Comments

Anna and Travis have been together for nearly a decade and have been through more together than most people in a lifetime. It has only brought them closer together and more sure of their lifetime commitment to each other. When Anna met Travis she had a son named Lake. Travis fell in love with Anna and Lake quickly and it wasn't long before they welcomed two children of their own and Travis even planned on adopting Lake as soon as they were married. Soon after a wedding was planned. Sadly Lake was diagnosed with Cancer and wedding plans were put on hold for years as Lake battled cancer. Anna and Travis put all of their energy and time into caring for Lake and trying to find a bone marrow donor for not only Lake but all the other children and people in need of bone marrow donors. Anna truly became an advocate for childhood cancer. I as the photographer contacted Anna last year to offer her a free family photo session through my non profit for children with cancer. I quickly fell in love with them as well and found out I had known Travis my whole life. It truly is a small world. Tragically Lake lost his battle with cancer On May 1, just weeks shy of his 9th birthday. After the shock and heart break Anna and Travis decided it was time to finally get married as Lake always wished they would. They planned a small family gathering in a beautiful field at Double H Farm in Colbert, GA and thought of ways to include Lake in the ceremony. I was honored that they chose me to capture that day. Just two days before the wedding was set Anna was surprised by Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta at her mother's home and they gave Anna the dress of her dreams. It truly was a perfectly magical day full of love, sorrow, remembrance and new beginnings. Anna was the picture perfect bride and I know Lake was shining down on all of us that day. Anna was so worried about taking family photos that day for the first time without Lake and mysteriously in the photos following the ceremony there is a beautiful light shining in the photos that never changes shape or color and it moves around the family. It is truly amazing to see and undeniable. It can even be seen peeking behind Anna on a couple of photos. Anna could not have been happier and found so much comfort in that light. She said Lake would show up in a beautiful way that day and he did. Whether or not you believe in things like that you cannot deny that light. I feel so incredibly blessed to have witnessed something so truly beautiful. Please join me in honoring Lake and his family and look into becoming a bone marrow donor,, you could save a life just like Lake's. 

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